How To Help In The Fight Against Poaching

Each continent has its own animal species unique to that area but unfortunately, some are in danger of becoming extinct. Poaching is a lucrative business, and if we don’t protect our animals there will soon be none left alive. The African elephant and rhinoceros are the biggest animals roaming the earth, but poaching, driven by criminal networks, is ensuring they are ruthlessly killed and their horns shipped to Vietnam, China and other Asian countries who have an insatiable appetite to use these products in the making of jewellery and to use the crushed horn powder in medications which they wrongfully believe can cure a hundred and one ailments from fevers to cancer to kidney disease to impotency and to cure the regular hangover.

The Plundering of Wildlife Wonders

The entire world is fighting poaching and even conservation and sanctuaries at risk from poaching are being threatened. Decades of conservation hasn’t stopped the rampant spike in the illegal wildlife trade, from the last of the largest cats in the world – the tiger – to the African elephant that can mourn their dead the same way we do. However, countless other species are over-exploited. Poaching is simply threatening the very survival of many species in the world. It is terrible that weak judicial system, crime within the very ranks of the people appointed to protect our wildlife and ridiculously light sentences for poachers has meant that the crime continues while the world seems to have scant regard for the consequences – species plundered out of existence. There are some wildlife trade hotspots, such as China’s international borders, Africa and Southeast Asia – areas made worse by massive human population growth and habitat loss.

Money Well Spent

South America is home to the Amazon rainforest which spans many different countries and in this rainforest there are many weird and wonderful animals. The most famous animal in Asia is the panda bear, a treasure in China now but which is also an endangered species. With some species becoming extinct, you don’t want to miss your chance to own some magnificent artworks – originals – from some of the best artists – of rhinos, tigers, elephants, pandas and other animals. is the biggest global search engine for auctions and they themselves partner with some of the biggest auction houses. People are spending more time than ever online and now you can own animal inspired paintings that support conservation and will be a reminder of what the world needs to wake up to and put more effort into – conservation.