Ecotourism: Assisting African Wildlife by Preserving Habitat

Many of the great natural wonders of the world are disappearing, lost to the advancement of society and technology. Africa is no different. People flock to the region’s game preserves and parks, hoping to catch a glimpse of a lion, or an elephant. But the environmental cost is heavy. Savannahs are bulldozed to build roads. Woodlands are cleared to make room for luxury hotels. Eventually, the animals start becoming harder and harder to spot, their numbers reduced by the destruction of habitat their own popularity has brought.

What is Ecotourism?

A popular solution to this problem isĀ ecotourism. Rather than create resort destinations adjoining game parks and other natural features of Africa, experiences are created for the traveler with an eye toward disturbing the local flora and fauna as little as possible. In this way, both the animals and local culture can be enjoyed without compromising the resources.

Essentially, ecotourism allows visitors to view what they came to see, the animals, in a way that is sustainable. Additionally, the tourist can experience the indigenous culture of Africa and even learn about conservation efforts important to their favorite animal. Ecotourism is truly a win-win for Africa and its wildlife population.