Using African Wildlife as a Home Décor Theme

It can undoubtedly be challenging for interior designers to come up with a good theme for their home décor. Choosing one that is too “out there” can actually make a room look garish. It is, therefore, best to go for themes that are properly tried and tested. If the designer wants the property to exude a sense of the exotic, then it is best to choose African wildlife. This will allow the home to appear like an indoor safari. It is sure to wow guests and help homeowners to express their sense of individuality. The best site to order such décor items is Royal Design because of its extensive catalogue.


One of the first things to consider when purchasing African wildlife-themed items for the home is what colour they need to be. It is wise to come up with a colour scheme and stick to it. Ordering products from Royal Design in this colour scheme will help to create a sense of consistency. For example, shades of green and brown will work well together to represent an African habitat.


The décor does not necessarily have to contain imagery of actual animals. Instead, it could consist of items in abstract shapes that are symbolic of African wildlife. They could be in the form of furniture, upholstery, kitchenware, and much more. The broad sense of choice of this theme allows designers to get creative and think outside of the box. For example, they could utilise a candlestick holder that looks like a giraffe’s neck.


No animal is more representative of wild Africa than the lion. For years designers have utilised lions as the basis for their home themes. There are several lion-shaped items from Royal Design available to purchase. They tend to be in neutral colours such as black and white. This means they will go well with practically any colour scheme.


Monkeys are another prevalent form of wildlife often found on the African continent. Royal Design offers fine wooden sculpted monkey ornaments that will brighten up a room. Monkeys are perfect for people who want a less serious interior. This is because these animals tend to be amusing to guests. In contrast, lions create a sense of nobility and fierceness.


Elephants are another perfect animal to base the theme around. Their unique but popular shape means that designers have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing room items. For example, the elephant bottle opener from Royal Design is both minimalist and elegant.

Plant Pots

Another option is to fill the room with plants that are either from Africa or at least appear to be. The plant pots could even be in the shape of African animals. This option is perfect for people who are looking for a more full-on, dedicated African theme. In a sense, they are turning their home into an environment that mimics a jungle.