What Do African Wildlife and Houseplants Have in Common?

These are two very different subjects, yet they have a lot in common. The big difference is that many feel that looking after houseplants is much safer than tending to African wildlife. While this may be true, they both need care, and it is our responsibility as humans to do this.


Those who commit to the care of animals such as wildlife or plants need the knowledge to do so. The animal keepers will rely on education, experience, and resources. For those who are going to take up houseplants as a hobby, they may need different resources. Just as there is a lot to learn about animals, the same applies to houseplants. Those who want to do their best can rely on Getplanta to assist them. This is an excellent app that will guide its users through everything they need to know about taking care of this type of plant.

Plant Feeding

One of the areas of care for houseplants is how to feed them. Just as the animals need to have the proper diet, so do the plants. The app will help the plant caretakers by taking them through each step they need for their watering requirements and nutrition. There is quite a bit to learn about this. If an individual had to rely on seeking out different resources to provide them with the right knowledge, they would find it too time-consuming. It would also be difficult for them to judge if the information they receive is accurate. The information that is contained in the app can be relied on when followed.

The Schedule

Animal care requires a schedule. So do houseplants. They need to be watered and fed at certain times, and they each will require their own amount of sun. The app has a care schedule that takes all the guesswork out of what each plant needs.

What to Choose

Those who want to focus on wild animal care will usually pick a few creatures they wish to specialize in. The same applies to the individual who wants to be involved in houseplants. However, there are so many different species that it can be challenging to know which ones will be the best. Plants adapt to specific environments. The app has an extensive database that is filled with important information. This can be relied on to guide the plant keeper on which ones they may want to specialize in. It can be a money and time saver. It helps avoid the mistakes of choosing the wrong plants for the environment they will be kept in.